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Children's Books for Christmas Gifts

After searching for a Christmas children's book about the story of Christmas, there are also children's books great for Christmas gifts!

Why Children's Books?

Children's books, even children's illustrated books, are great gifts throughout the year but especially during Christmas season. Gifts can be used for family mainly but it can also open a door of help, conversation, encouragement, warmth, friendship, and so much more to neighbors, co-workers, church members, friends, long distant family, and even strangers. Knowing people and their needs provides guidance to which children's books could be a great gift.

Shopping Categories/Topics

Here's a quick categorical list to find children's illustrated books for Christmas gifts:

  1. Dads with their kids (coloring book available)

  2. Destructive kids

  3. Messy kids

  4. Grandparents with grandkids (coloring book available)

  5. Disability and special needs in a kid's life

  6. Selfish, unloving kids

  7. Difficulties and insecurities in kids

  8. Mature, growing up kids

  9. Bedtime rhyme for kids (audiobook and multilingual print editions available)

  10. Parents trick their kids (audiobook and multilingual print editions available)

  11. Christmas book for kids (audiobook and multilingual print editions available)

  12. Storybook about the Bible for kids (audiobook available)


Elijah's Journey Children's Storybook Series

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