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#7 Children's Book - Fainting Francis: The boy who learned to get back up!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020


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  1. Looking for a great kid’s book that can be used for a wide age range?

  2. Looking for one of the best children's book to talk about not giving up or live embarrassed?

  3. Looking for family book to read together about a common life issue?

  4. Looking for illustrated kids book that shows kids humor and humility?

  5. Looking for a children's book to put at the top of your reading list?

Welcome to Mr. Nate Books! 

Mr. Nate Books is a kids book collection that brings a world of all ages together with illustration, imagination, and instruction! Fainting Francis is the 7th book launched in the kid’s book collection during Spring 2020 capturing the a common issue of dealing with difficulties in kid’s lives when they are young. Often kids are laughed at when an issue arises or brings you down! Kids need to learn how to get back up in the face of fear and adversity.


Looking for a great children’s book? Fall down and get back up with Fainting Francis! Learn how Francis deals with a personal issue in front of so many people throughout his life. Sometimes situations like talking to girls, the sight of blood, seeing clowns, heights, or needles can cause fear (or fainting) in us. But does Francis live by his fear? How does he deal with fear and fainting? What does he say before he faints? Does he stay down? Who faints in the end of the book? Just because we have issues in life, does not mean they have to determine who we are. There is a way to live through the struggles of life, and maybe we get to laugh and help each other along the way! Parents and teachers get to train kids up from being down by discovering how to be inspired by truth and love. Instead of living with insecurity, they learn to become strong and humble in the midst of worldly weakness.


Free eBook with purchase of paperback or hardback in certain retailers. After purchase, come back to the eBook edition to download.


The book provides a funny way to explain fear, insecurity, struggles, embarrassment, and how to live with life issues. Reading questions are provided at the end of the book to provide readers helpful discussion points for kids in the family or classroom.


Mr. Nate Books are created to be read together and aloud by a wide age range making it fun to read for kids to adults. These books help families and classes read together or alone. These books can fit within the normal marketplace age ranges like 2-4, 5-7, 8-10, and 11-12. The illustrations help kids who are yet readers to be captured by the verbal story read aloud to them while they are also captured by the fun scenes. Beginning readers, even ages 3-4, have started reading on their own from the Mr. Nate Books – Kids Collection. Mr. Nate Books - Kid's Collection also provides free, online book reading videos for parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, and others to learn how to read these kid’s books as well as learn the book contents to determine how appropriate they are for their kiddos.

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ISBN 9780578674049 (Print/Paperback) ISBN 9780578674094 (Print/Hardback) ISBN 9780578674056 (eBook)

Copyright © 2020 by Mr. Nate Gunter

Published by TGJS Publishing


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