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#1 Children's Book - Daddy Donut Day: A day we shout hooray!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

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Welcome to Mr. Nate Books!

Daddy Donut Day is the 1st book and launched summer 2019 providing a fun glimpse into a real life adventure of a dad with his first kid starting a long-lasting family tradition to spend time together. Now there are 7 kids, 4 girls and 3 boys, that spend every Saturday in Daddy Donut Day. The Daddy Donut Day song at the end of the book was created several years ago as a family sung each time on the way to get donuts. Early in the Saturday mornings, there's a fun and short song sung loud, together, and ending with everyone shouting "Hooray!" The Daddy Donut Day book is also a glimpse into the great reality of dads across America and the world get to spend time with their kids before they are grown and gone.

Reading the book together from little to older kids now provides parents and grandparents a fun and tremendous way of reminding them that donuts are not what bring happiness, rather, love. Dads, let's join together in this important task to love our kids for a generation to be trained up loved and loving!


Discover the funny, imaginative world of donuts with this fully illustrated children's book, Daddy Donut Day! Each of the 30 pages give a different look to donuts and ends with a little song and a loud shout of "Hooray!" Who knew eating donuts would bring so much laughter and loudness! Take a moment to read aloud together and you may just end up creating your own day filled with memories that will last a lifetime!


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Paperback (9780578546919)

Hardback (9780578554341)

eBook (9780578548388).

Copyright © 2019 by Mr. Nate Gunter

Published by TGJS Publishing

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