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#5 Children's Book - Heroes on Horses: Our bumpy ride around the world!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Welcome to Mr. Nate Books -- Kids Collection!

Heroes on Horses is the 5th book and launched Spring 2020! Heroes on Horses captures the real-life experiences of equestrian therapy for disabled and special needs children in a unique, fun, and imaginative way. Every child goes through issues in life -- no matter how different the issues – and the best way for children to live is by the help of others. Parents and relatives are the main, immediate helpers in life, and sometimes even they need further help with their kids. The community of friends, teachers, and others come together to raise kids with love.

Kids go through a lot in life that deals with their emotions, physical bodies, spiritual life, mind, and soul which makes any loving help invaluable to the life of children. One tremendous resource and tool to help kids go through life are horses, especially the wide variety of sizes, manes, tails, colors, sounds, and gentleness. A well-trained horse is powerful to help the smallest human, a child. Children can walk next to a horse, ride a horse, pet the horse, groom the horse, lead the horse, talk to the horse, and perform various exercises on the horse. More often a horse brings a deep smile to a kid’s heart and much more to the parents and other helpers seeing the outcome.


Ride, fight, and laugh together with heroes on horses as they adventure around the world! They travel to each continent and cross every ocean fighting an enemy together. These heroes ride all kinds of horses to help their fight and provide a lot of laughter along the way. It seems some horses even pee apple juice and poop apples! Some of the horses dance and others sleep walk. The ride is bumpy, and their fight is great. Giddy up and join this heroic fight!


Free eBook with purchase of paperback or hardback in some markets. After purchase, come back to the eBook edition to download.


The book is intentionally written for any child to read, be read to, or flip through the fun illustrations. The book reveals the imagination a kid normally has as they do not always see or feel the same as adults. Instead of horses going around in circles, they go around the world! Use the book as a fun guide into the experience of horses, horse riding, and even equestrian therapy. The book uses helpful, teaching words like “enemies” as the description for the various issues, pains, and difficulties kids go through. Or “bumpy” is describing the actual feel of riding a horse but also the difficulty of living. Some say these issues are a gift, but really the kid is the gift to the world whom we have the chance to love regardless of their issue. We can recognize there is an issue, affirm that to them, and help them through their life.

For equestrian therapy ranches: You can use the book as a fun, simple training book to help prep kids and helpers for their experience. You can use it as a welcoming book like a brochure for parents, guardians, and donors. Or, use it as a gift or resource for others to share about the various experiences kids go through during their time. You can use the book to train helpers to communicate to kids in various ways like when a horse stops to pee, the helper (trainer, teacher, assistant, etc.) can make light of the situation and say, “Time for apple juice!”

For parents and relatives: Use the book as an introduction to horses or even equestrian therapy. Or, you can share how there’s other kids going through similar fights with their bodies. You can also help their imagination of riding horses and even act out the various pages.

What a tremendous opportunity to be in the lives of children – gifts to this world!


Mr. Nate Books are created to be read together and aloud by a wide age range making it fun to read for kids to adults. These books help families and classes read together or alone. These books can fit within the normal marketplace age ranges like 2-4, 5-7, 8-10, and 11-12. The illustrations help kids who are yet readers to be captured by the verbal story read aloud to them while they are also captured by the fun scenes. Beginning readers, even ages 3-4, have started reading on their own from the Mr. Nate Books – Kids Collection. Mr. Nate Books - Kid's Collection also provides free, online book reading videos for parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, and others to learn how to read these kid’s books as well as learn the book contents to determine how appropriate they are for their kiddos.

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ISBN 9780578641737 (Print/Paperback)

ISBN 9780578641744 (Print/Hardback)

ISBN 9780578641768 (eBook)

Copyright © 2019 by Mr. Nate Gunter

Published by TGJS Publishing


Mr. Nate Books
Mr. Nate Books
Feb 14, 2020

Great to hear, thank you Charlotte!


Feb 14, 2020

I was so excited to get the book Heroes on Horses. Me and my granddaughters 2 & 4 read a book every night. We all loved the book and had so much fun reading it. Thanks so much Mr. Nate. Charlotte, Trielle & Aubrielle

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