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Children's Christmas Books

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Searching for children's Christmas books, especially best sellers, is a daunting task in a time crunch.

So many Christmas book titles, descriptions, types, styles, stories, purposes, formats, and retailers. Often one may notice that searching for a children's Christmas book leads to books that truly have nothing to do with the Christmas story.


The Christmas story comes from the Bible and is about the birth of Jesus.

People may find Santa, elves, and gifts fun, but it lacks Christmas and avoids the world's greatest birthday to celebrate. The best sellers in children's Christmas books shows a large man and bag delivering presents, funny looking reindeer, and interesting stories -- even "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" But what comes up that? How does Santa truly help real people in real life?

Christmas Gifts

Gifts for the moment can bring smiles to faces and a brief experience of fun together at Christmas time. But could there be something a family does that brings them back to remember and celebrate actual Christmas? More so, can Christmas actually help families? Can Christmas provide families something that lasts years and even generations?


Future Generations

Our generation has an option to return, promote, highlight, care for, share, teach, and celebrate for children to grasp and enjoy. We need to onramp children to the great Christmas story the world will ever know. We need to teach and celebrate what God has done in history that is truthful, factual, spiritual, actually effective, and long-lasting.

Hope and Help

Do your children know the Christmas story? Would they describe Santa, family, a tree, and presents? Would you smile, chuckle, and continue on to the next holiday tradition? Or would you receive that as a cautionary tale of generations forgetting and departing from God, church, and Christmas? It is time for parents and grandparents to engage honestly and joyfully train up the next generation to learn of the first Christmas!

Great Questions

What is Christmas? How long ago did the first Christmas happen? When was the first Christmas? Who celebrated the first Christmas? Where was the first Christmas? Why did the first Christmas happen? Why do we continue to remember and celebrate Christmas?

The Bible

All of these questions are answered from the Bible -- the origin of the first Christmas story that occurred in history, among real people, and for an incredibly loving reason.

Children's Christmas Book

Take time this Christmas to re-engage and train up the next generation by on-ramping them to the Bible. One teaching resource that may help in teaching about that is our new children's Christmas book that would be great to see hit the list of best sellers:

This children's Christmas book brings readers like families and even multigenerational families into a reading experience that feels like you are sitting in a grandparents living room vs. reading a book while learning from loving grandpa and grandma about the Christmas story in full.

It provides full Bible passages important to the Christmas story while also some comical elements and family relationships. It is written in a way that can be read annually by either young or old while providing a memorable narrative.

Children's Christmas Books in Multiple Languages

The First Christmas Children's Book is also available in multiple languages, starting with these -- helping you find children's Christmas books for family and friends across the world or nearby:

  1. The First Christmas Children's Book (Spanish): Remembering the World's Greatest Birthday

  2. The First Christmas Children's Book (German): Remembering the World's Greatest Birthday

  3. The First Christmas Children's Book (Portuguese): Remembering the World's Greatest Birthday

The children's Christmas book currently comes in German, Spanish, and Portuguese languages with plans for more in the coming years. Use any of the above titles to copy and paste into most online book retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc. These are available in both paperback print and ebook editions.


If you were ever going to make an investment into your families future, this would be one investment that truly is invaluable.

How to teach?


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