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Coming Soon - What's for Dinner? Children's Book

Publishing February 10th, 2024

Some kids have the nagging question -- every day of the week -- what's for dinner?

Get ready for the daily journey through the week following the boy finding the answer to his nagging question to all those around him. Leaving you to know what's for dinner!

P.s. If one has never struggled with such a nagging question, this book just might find it's way to you as a joke gift. After you read it, you will know why. You're welcome! - Mr. Nate

Editions to Come:

Print, ebook, audiobook




Elijah's Journey Storybook Series

Discover the children's storybook series about the greatest book in history.

A young boy's journey of a lifetime to find his missing grandparents & disappears into an unknown world!

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