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Donations help strengthen and quicken publication and marketing of books. There's a lot that goes into publishing, and Mr. Nate Books has a long term plan and list of books (90+) to get to market and into people's hands, homes, and hearts. Donations then help the following in each category:


  1. Authorship (Concepts and writing).

  2. Book Design (File formatting, description, purpose, use, look).

  3. Illustration.

  4. ISBNs.

  5. Editing and reviews.

  6. Video production.

  7. Audio production.


  1. Meetings, communication, planning, supplies, and book launches.

  2. Distribution to global markets (USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Asia).

  3. Website management and production.

  4. Networking with vendors, authors, and companies.

  5. Wholesale purchase and gifting books locally and online for review and those without financial means to purchase.

  6. Advertisement through media and local representation.


2010-2019 - Envisioning, planning to write and publish, and begin writing.

2019 - Mr. Nate Books began and launched the first collection of books, which was the first 4 kids books.

2020 - Mr. Nate Books began the student and education collection with 1 book in January with 2 more by December. 4 new kids books are in illustration phase to be published throughout Spring and Summer.


2021 - Mr. Nate Books would like to launch 10 more kids books which are already written and needing and awaiting illustration. 2 education books are planned to author.

2022-25 - Mr. Nate Books would like to finish authoring and publish the ultimate 68 storybook series planned since 2011-12.

Thank you for donating to Mr. Nate Books to provide families, students, schools, churches, and organizations the ability to use books as tools for bringing all ages together!

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