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Don't Let the Me Monster Kill Christmas Joy!

Ever have a child or someone say during Christmas time, "What about me? I wanted that!" or "It's mine! You can't play with it!" More statements are often shared during Christmas time unfortunately, revealing the great need to change.

Let this Christmas be different!

Introduce your children with a gift of instruction. Help them see and hear themselves in a different way. For years, generations have grown up seeing Christmas as all about "me, me, me, me!" It's like we become killjoys or "Me Monsters" ravaging families' and friends' generosity instead of gratitude and, more so, understanding Christmas is about someone else -- the birth of Jesus.

Turn "Me, me, me, me" or "mine, mine, mine" to gifting and joy of Christmas and others.

Now there's a timely children's book for potential "Me Monsters" out there during this Christmas season -- Me Monster! As selfishness can kill the focus of Christmas and even giving and receiving gifts, teach them love and see real joy to spread this season!

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