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How to teach kids about Christmas?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Immediately, here's several points in how to teach kids about Christmas:

  1. First, one must find and use the source of the Christmas story in order to learn and explain it (i.e. the Bible, God's word).

  2. Second, teaching involves facts, Bible passages, people involved, historical setting of the time, the meaning and purpose, and avoid adding to or twisting the Christmas story.

  3. Third, seek help from Christian teachers, pastors, and authors (commentators, etc.) for understanding, insight, wisdom, and direction.

  4. Fourth, learn how to explain both the easy and hard concepts.

  5. Fifth, believe and live by what you are teaching.

  6. Sixth, relationally interact with kids and avoid dumping facts on kids like a fire hydrant. Truth and love generate a relational engagement with kids that help mature them with both content and character.

With that, I wanted to provide a teaching resource that helped with the above and provided an easy to read and profound children's Christmas book that families of all kinds, churches and ministries, as well as schools could use -- The First Christmas Children's Book: Remembering the World's Greatest Birthday.


This children's Christmas book is intended to bring families and others together in a multigenerational reading experience that explains the Christmas story. Grandparents answering one of the grandkids questions about the first Christmas turns into a full explanation and experience as if you are in the same living room. It highlights that the first Christmas was about a gift and that gift was a baby -- the world's greatest birthday.

Important - the Bible

The book intertwines a setting that any across the world can understand along with Bible passages and structure within the narrative. Instead of feeling like one is reading a children's book, it is meant to feel like you are sitting and listening to grandparents that care about you. The narrative includes important, key verses in full from the Bible's Old and New Testament. It includes the grand narrative of the gospel and how it relates to various people and situations throughout the Bible.

Children will also learn the structure of the Bible, that there is two major sections of Old and New Testament as well as how many books are in each that total 66 for the entire Bible (39 in the O.T. and 27 in the N.T.).

Important - Jesus

The important part is learning that the greatest and best gift on Christmas is something beyond our earthly context of presents like toys, games, etc. and focused on Jesus' birth as the gift which is also a birthday. The simplicity of a birthday helps kids on-ramp to what could be really difficult concepts of the Christmas story -- including why Jesus came to be born and not just the fact that he did.

Buy in time for Christmas

The First Christmas Children's Book: Remembering the World's Greatest Birthday published 2021 and now available to purchase via online retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Walmart, etc. Or put the book title in the online retailer search box.

eBook and Audiobook

Both editions of ebook and audiobook are now available. Audiobook is available via a UK male and female narrator.

Multilingual Editions

The book comes in German, Spanish, and Portuguese languages with plans for more in the coming years. Use any of the below titles to copy and paste into most online book retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc. These are available in both paperback print and ebook editions.

  1. The First Christmas Children's Book (Spanish): Remembering the World's Greatest Birthday

  2. The First Christmas Children's Book (German): Remembering the World's Greatest Birthday

  3. The First Christmas Children's Book (Portuguese): Remembering the World's Greatest Birthday


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