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Christian Children's Fiction Books

Mr. Nate Books -- Children's Book Collection includes Christian children's fiction books for a wide age range of readers to bring all ages together. Discover Christian fiction books for children as an educational genre to explain God, the Bible, life, relationships, beliefs, and behavior. The majority of the children's collection provides painted illustrations with varying shapes, colors, context, scenes, animals, humans, ethnicities, ideas that draw readers of all ages together -- captivating toddlers to young readers.

Each book's script provides a unique reading experience intended for groups filled with drama, laughter, intensity, lightheartedness, and real life. Mr. Nate Books writes in a way that the least experienced reader has a way to enjoy as much as well-educated student. The world is filled with so many children of the same age but of varying reading abilities more than ever.

Reading Together

We see this as an opportunity to draw the young and older together, reminding the world that we have a responsibility to relate and engage one another as a way to train or mature children from all backgrounds and abilities. Mr. Nate Books -- Children's collection provides simple, fun books about children's behavior to shout single words loudly and expressively with action like whacking at flies or spilling and yelling, "Willy!"

Some books bring humor as well as inspiration like the Daddy Donut Day adventures or riding a horse around the world in equestrian therapy. Some books bring humor to serious situations like selfishness or embarrassment and fear. Some books play on concepts where instead of explosive family holidays, only turkeys explode! Other books include lengthier and thoughtful reading like the bedtime rhyme processing the life cycles of life and how they relate to life and death or 68 book series in learning about the Bible.

Whether the child is the one reading or an adult reading aloud, Mr. Nate Books writes to read the world differently. Grandparents, parents, relatives, leaders, teachers, pastors, church communities, and young adults are all welcome to read together with children to involve them in one of the most important aspects of life God intended -- one another.


We provide Christian children's fictions books in various editions to help readers across the globe have access. Mr. Nate Books provides print (hardback/paperback), ebook, and audiobook.

Multilingual Editions

We are working hard to provide all Mr. Nate Books in multilingual editions. The editions will be in paperback and ebook mainly. As the opportunity arises, we will produce hardback and audiobook. The 2021 publication of The Best Bedtime Book: A rhyme for children's bedtime is the first book being published in the 10 various languages:

  1. English

  2. Spanish

  3. Chinese

  4. Russian

  5. German

  6. Hindi

  7. Arabic

  8. French

  9. Portuguese

  10. Korean


Shop Mr. Nate Books -- Children's collection to find Christian children's fiction books to reach beyond ourselves in reading the world differently! Other global marketplaces and links are provided on each children's book listed.

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