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5,500 Books Sold!

Mr. Nate Books has reached 5,500 books sold since several months ago announcement of reaching 5,000 books sold by April 2023!


This includes audiobooks, ebooks, print editions, and including the multilingual editions from online marketplaces, book stores, and wholesale order.

As mentioned in the previous post:

Chapter Books

2024 will be filled with chapter book publications of several different series. Make sure to subscribe for notifications. It is going to be one fun journey to see all of the great books coming for the growing readership.


50 of the Halloween children's book were given to a local church and Christian school event! Giveaways continue to benefit readers and introduce books to a wide audience. Read about the Halloween Vegetable Horror children's book how parents tricked kids with healthy treats!

New Children's Illustrated Book

A new children's book was queued for illustration and publication about weekly meals. It will be a fund book for kids to learn while simultaneously be a tremendous joke gift to people you truly love and want to annoy! The storyline will integrate multigenerational, educational, historical, and biblical aspects bringing all ages together. It will publish early Spring 2024!

Review Books

You can take part in helping the word spread. Review each book you purchase and read. Add a star and even a comment on the marketplace you purchased. That tells other readers of your experience, good or bad.

Get ready for more!

2022 Publications:

2024 publications coming soon:

  1. Elijah's Journey Storybook for Kids (chapter book editions).

  2. Weekly meal book.

  3. More to come in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.




Elijah's Journey Storybook Series

Discover the children's storybook series about the greatest book in history.

A young boy's journey of a lifetime to find his missing grandparents & disappears into an unknown world!

All books, updates, and notifications will be at

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