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Coming Soon - The Embarrassingly Funny Family Secret Series - 5 Chapter Books

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Publishing Summer 2022

Summer 2022

Ready for some new and fun reading this summer? Coming summer 2022 (May-August), The Embarrassingly Funny Family Secret Series!

Chapter Book Series

Is your life perfect? Is everything going the way you planned? Do you have everything in order? Are your kids just as sharp, tactful, and great as you?

Yeah, right! None of us are, especially kids. Accidents happen -- even things often out of our control, especially biological issues. From babies to grandparents, life offers some very humbling situations. The extremes are to never speak of such things like being an 1800's proper English family that's repulsed by such imperfection or to open the floodgates of grossness without discernment, discretion, or etiquette for the world to hear and smell.

One thing this life naturally teaches us is that we cannot take ourselves seriously and often it is proper to be humbled and even laugh.

So, how do you teach your kids to deal with bodily issues like tooting?

Some families scorn the concept of ever talking about it or others are willy-nilly with it all.

What's the etiquette? How to behave? Is it wrong? Can it be funny? Can one laugh? How to do with real life? When and where?

In the past, gas issues would be repulsive and disciplined. Today, they are more so exploited with vulgarity and hilarity. Some books on the marketplace often exaggerate and can be fairly gross.

Can there be a way forward ... a funny, timely, and helpful way forward?

Can there be a respectful, humble, and hilarious way to address a real world situation that all kids will deal with?


One review has already said that this is a "tasteful" (respectful, tactful) way that includes so much of other parts and situations of life like the home, family, pets, neighbors, police, news, church, pastor, and various types of people.

These 5 books will be a different chapter book series for the market, bringing a hilarious story that is relatable, humbling, and biologically inescapable for all kids across the world.

The book series is told by two boys in a conservative family that often have everything in order and it all falls apart in a weekend.

Each of the 5 chapter books will have a FREE AUDIOBOOK bonus! It is a hilariously, clean chapter book series for kids!

-MOTIVATE kids to read

-make them LAUGH

-address a real-life BODILY ISSUE

-teach MANNERS and etiquette

-conservative FAMILY becomes challenged

15 chapters for each book of unexpected twists and turns and some far ... uh ... too .. uh ... explosions along the way.

Series Description:

An appropriate book series about an inappropriate topic. Let the hilarious book series help kids read as well as parents advise on bodily manners and etiquette. Teach kids how to rightly handle their body, life issues, relationships, and an often gross but funny world. Fight the bad with the good and do so together.

Editions to Come:

Print, ebook, audiobook

First two books:




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