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What to give kids on Easter?

Parents, schools, teachers, pastors, and churches often are looking for what to give kids on Easter.

From the week leading up to Easter or on Easter Sunday, there's much that can be taught and done. It's not bad to have fun, enjoy events, etc. Some choose the most economical and fun items like candy, eggs to search for, and so on.

But what if you could find something to give kids on Easter that is fun, memorable, a gift to take home, and helps them spiritually mature in their young years?

  1. What if you could find a children's book that captures the true story about Easter, the story of Jesus and his resurrection on Sunday in history?

  2. What if you could bring families and multigenerational families together with value, truth, and love?

  3. What if you could have an Easter children's book that is interactive for the little ones 2-7 years old while challenging the older 8-12 years old with the poetic depth of the Bible's great story of Jesus?

  4. What if you could have a children's book that integrated the Bible's Old and New Testament passages and themes to clearly communicate the purpose of this great Easter Sunday in history?

  5. What if you could have a children's book that captures the history, human condition, and help guide kids of the importance of the Bible, church, and God?

  6. What if you could implicitly teach kids the Bible's theological themes in rhyme?

Great Gift to Kids on Easter

Published February 2022

A Mouse in the House on Easter Day Children's Book is for all ages, especially 2-12 years old. 2-7 years old will enjoy finding the mouse on the pages through the journey of the rhyme about the gospel of Jesus. 8-12 years old will be affected profoundly with the rhyme that integrates biblical stories and truths from the Bible's Old and New Testament that capture the overall gospel of Jesus and his resurrection -- the real purpose of Easter.

The new Easter children's book is meant to provide families and churches a tremendous resource that's fun, memorable, profound, and a new tradition for years to come.

Why a mouse?

A mouse is a small, unwanted creature that often appears everywhere and out of nowhere (without expectation). Even so, the large and lovable elephant is often scared of the small mouse. It is a play on words and concepts that capture humility and pride as well as the juxtaposition of the gospel effects globally. The gospel goes throughout the world, unstoppable, rejected by pride, and accepted by humility.

The bigger we think we are, the more we become scared and prideful against the gospel. We miss the simple, profound truth of God to the world -- Jesus, his life, death, and resurrection for sin and salvation of mankind.

The Bible mentions this: “... Therefore it says, 'God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble'.” (James 4:6)



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