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What is the Best Easter Book for Kids?

It may be difficult to find the best Easter book for kids, especially when there is so much stuff in stores for Easter. Sometimes it seems that Easter has nothing to do or an attempt to erase the historical and spiritual reason for this day in history, which is the resurrection of Jesus on Sunday after his crucifixion on Friday (Good Friday).

What a great opportunity now to change that! Bring value back into homes, families, churches, culture, and society. Bring truth to bear on the hearts of little ones and see them brighten up with truth and love. Mature them to live joyfully with purpose during these precious years.

A Mouse in the House on Easter Day children's book published this year of 2022 to bring a new, valuable tradition to Easter for families (even multigenerational), churches, schools, and the book marketplace.

Instead of candy, bunny eggs, and pastel colors overwhelming children each year, bring a wonderful opportunity to teach kids about the real reason for this time of the year -- Jesus and his resurrection!

All Ages

The new children's book provides a reading experience for all ages, especially 2-12 years old. 2-6 year olds will enjoy the illustration and finding the little mouse on each page. 7-12 year olds will engage with rhyme explaining the gospel story of Jesus from the Bible.


The rhyme provides profound simplification to the breadth of Bible passages about the gospel from the Bible's Old Testament to the New Testament. The rhyme also provides the Great Commission concept of the gospel going into the world inviting others to trust in Christ. The rhyme is unique and provides a fun, memorable way to learn each year.

Annual Tradition

What a great opportunity to mature kids annually remembering the gospel and purpose to life.

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