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Motivate Kids to Read 20 Books in the New Year!

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

A simple way to encourage and motivate kids to read, especially into the New Year, is helping them make and finish the reading plan. Utilize the new reading plan journal to guide kids to start and complete 20 books this year!

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Make a Reading Plan

  1. Average age 6-12 year old.

  2. Personalize the reading journal to them by writing their name on the front cover.

  3. List 20 book titles with them.

  4. List the reading prize for every four books, a total 5 prize pages (including "Grand Prize" at the end of the book).

  5. Choose books with topics they would enjoy reading (book series are really helpful).

  6. Choose some books with topics that challenge them (reading skills, life issue, etc.).

  7. Choose a reading time like daily, weekly, or monthly.

Finish the Reading Plan

  1. List small prizes first and build up to the grand prize in greater, important value.

  2. Monitor them through various methods (e.g. asking them questions about the book, remembering reading times, include them in choosing their books and remind them of why they chose each book, talk about the benefits of reading, and talk about the purpose of the prizes.)

  3. Celebrate with them each book they finish and especially each prize they receive.

Start a New Reading Plan

Repeat the process in order to continually improve their reading skills, life learning, and maturity.

Sample pages:



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