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Easter Tradition to Truth

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

What are you doing for Easter?

  1. Will you go to church?

  2. Will you avoid church?

  3. Will you do egg and candy hunts?

  4. Will you understand the point of Easter Sunday in history?

  5. Will you teach children of this great truth of Jesus and his resurrection?

May I encourage a redirection of traditions (or trends) to truthfulness?

It is not wrong to have fun events as long as they do not distract or undermine the truth of this Sunday in history that many have called Easter. Most of America sees Easter as a holiday, a school Spring break, stores change what they put on sale, and fun events with pastel colors, bunnies, and eggs.

Often holidays like Easter certainly take on a culture of its own per how businesses can make a profit and people are not offended.

However, God has done the greatest thing in history to reveal himself to the world that he exists, he's truthful and loving, and Jesus must live to die and resurrect for sin. This is the gospel story passed down throughout thousands of years, clearly revealed in the Bible, witnessed by people, and validated.

Why do people reject God?

Anyone of us might reject God for any variety of reasons but commonly it is because we do not want to do what he wants in this life. God becomes an obstacle instead of a savior. God becomes a hindrance to people's relationships and divisive instead of unifying and helpful. The list is long but the truth of God is simple and single.

Jesus is real and really was born into the world, lived, crucified on a cross (Friday), and resurrected the third day (Sunday). This truth is life-changing. God is life-altering, and either we accept or reject him. The gospel of Jesus is good news of God's gift that we do not deserve and rather deserve a curse.

Church and the Gospel

Churches are to proclaim and live by the gospel. Now is the time in America for the church to turn from tradition or trends to truth. Jesus said, "I am the way, truth, and life ... " in John 14:6.

This is why the world often tries to remove Jesus from history, education, and now the American church. Families are breaking down, people's lives are in shambles, people are growing divisive, foolish lifestyles are burdening relationships, government is overwhelmed by becoming people's subsidy, the economy inflates with unchecked greed and manipulation, and people are quickly growing ambivalent or apathetic to God.

Kids are growing up to never enter a church building let alone learning the Bible or the gospel of Jesus.

It's time to change.

The new children's Easter book is a resource for that change. I hope more families, churches, and schools get their hands on:

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Published February 2022, A Mouse in the House on Easter Day Children's Book is for all ages, especially 2-12 years old. 2-7 years old will enjoy finding the mouse on the pages through the journey of the rhyme about the gospel of Jesus. 8-12 years old will be affected profoundly with the rhyme that integrates biblical stories and truths from the Bible's Old and New Testament that capture the overall gospel of Jesus and his resurrection -- the real purpose of Easter.

The new Easter children's book is meant to provide families and churches a tremendous resource that's fun, memorable, profound, and a new tradition for years to come.

Why a mouse?

A mouse is a small, unwanted creature that often appears everywhere and out of nowhere (without expectation). Even so, the large and lovable elephant is often scared of the small mouse. It is a play on words and concepts that capture humility and pride as well as the juxtaposition of the gospel effects globally. The gospel goes throughout the world, unstoppable, rejected by pride, and accepted by humility.

The bigger we think we are, the more we become scared and prideful against the gospel. We miss the simple, profound truth of God to the world -- Jesus, his life, death, and resurrection for sin and salvation of mankind.

The Bible mentions this: “... Therefore it says, 'God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble'.” (James 4:6)



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