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Disability Book Week -- Heroes on Horses Children's Book

Mr. Nate Books is featuring Heroes on Horses Children's Book: Our bumpy ride around the world as Disability Book Week launches in April 2022 to highlight books for children with disabilities or special needs.

Heroes on Horses Children's Book was launched in 2020 to honor the kids and ranch helpers that included trainers to volunteers. The equestrian therapy kid's book came as one of the first books to launch coming from my two years of assisting at Carousel Ranch in Santa Clarita, CA during my college years. I had stepped away from collegiate baseball to pursue a life of pastoring and the opportunity arose to work-study with them each week.

My last year, they allowed my fiancée (now wife) to volunteer, as she loves working with kids. We have a lifetime of memories and discovered great people. The kids we worked with have now grown into their adult years accomplishing great things and the trainers continue to raise money and work with families.




Elijah's Journey Storybook Series

Discover the children's storybook series about the greatest book in history.

A young boy's journey of a lifetime to find his missing grandparents & disappears into an unknown world!

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