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2,000 Books Sold! Thank you, Readers!

I can't believe it and so incredibly grateful to see the metrics of audiobooks, ebooks, paperback, and hardback of all the children's and education books sold since 2019 as we are soon to close 2021! It was just this February 2021 that I shared about 1,000 books sold and within this year, readers stepped up and engaged even more! These include the multilingual and multigenerational children's books that have been purchased across the globe -- even the activity and coloring books.

Video Books and Gifts

There is also the free, video children's books online available on Youtube playlist as a gift to those unable to purchase and a help to those looking to purchase. Also, the metrics do not include the gifted books to families that are going through difficult times of turmoil, sickness, and even death -- which The Best Bedtime Book: A rhyme for children's bedtime is incredibly helpful for that reason. I would encourage you to think and plan beyond your family context and use any of these books as gifts to others. Gifts bring tremendous encouragement and help to others, especially experiencing that generosity over the years.

2021 Publications

Of the newest books published this year are:

We are pressing to finish the next education book by the end of the year regarding financial training for students and young adults 14-24 years old.


Keep up with the next books and podcasts to come out by email subscribing to the next countdown. Podcasts are about 10-30 minutes explaining each book, title, description, back cover, purpose, background, and reading outcomes in reading the world differently.

Grassroots Beginnings

We started out without a platform, name recognition, massive network of website subscribers, or large publication but grassroots work with some friends, family, and small group of supporters. It is a lot of hard work, years of planning, strategy, patience, endurance, fun, and watching the Lord work!

Crazy Work

As a family and author, we can only hope that this increases, even substantially over the next years to come. It takes readers buying, reading, sharing, and reviewing. It takes referrals and social media. It takes word of mouth, sharing books with others, gifting readers, and staying thrilled about the process. It takes re-investment of earnings back into the business of making, marketing, and showing the helpful effects of the books. It takes time, learning, adjustment, and help.

Crazy Plans

We have a plan for almost 200 books to be published from children's full illustrated books, student books, and adult education books in the years to come. It is an aggressive plan but almost a decade in the works with a lot of decades of reading and learning prior to that.

Thank You

Thank you to all the readers who have invested their time, money, and sharing with others while also allowing these book into your lives -- hopefully bringing fun, interaction, reading experience, and a different way of looking at the world. Thank you to all the people who have invested their time as teachers, professors, parents, family, and friends to help make this happen!


Elijah's Journey Storybook Series

Discover the children's storybook series about the greatest book in history.

A young boy's journey of a lifetime to find his missing grandparents & disappears into an unknown world!

All books, updates, and notifications will be at

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