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1,000 Books Sold!

Mr. Nate Books is celebrating that over 1,000 books have been sold since the soft grand opening in 2019!

This is a tremendous step in a difficult but great direction. We wanted to share in this celebration as it means that homes and hearts are purchasing and using the books. We have heard books being purchased by others to gift. Grandparents purchasing for their kids and grandkids. Parents purchasing to read to their own children and other groups of kids. Pastors purchasing to use in their ministry context. Neighbors gifting neighbors. Teachers using for their classrooms.

If anyone is an author or publisher, they know how incredibly difficult it is to write, publish, market, and sell any book -- especially after 2007-2008 market crash and recession! The publishing world changed drastically. Over the years, we heard that an average author sells up to 50-500 books over the lifetime of the book. Regardless of the stats, we focused on writing the collections and upcoming series for both children and education.

Mr. Nate Books sells various editions:

  1. Print (paperback and hardback)

  2. eBook

  3. Audiobook

  4. Multilingual

More so, children's illustrated books are an incredibly difficult market to enter at any point from the up-front cost to book stores selecting them. We enter the marketplace not to compete, but to produce a product worthy to use. We will continue to work, improve, listen, care, produce, and serve.

Mr. Nate Books has a long-term plan, especially for the upcoming Elijah's Journey Storybook Series, to provide generations with reading tools that will impact lives for the long-run. Like the most recent Mr. Nate Book published January 1, 2021, The Best Bedtime Book: A rhyme for children's bedtime, has generational impact -- now and years to come!

Every buyer and reader that shares Mr. Nate Books with the world helps create the next book through:

  1. marketplace reviews

  2. social media shares

  3. in person reading

  4. displaying purchased books

  5. reading to others

  6. gifting

We want to improve, expand, reach, grow, and provide the world a different taste of reading.

Mr. Nate Books -- reading the world differently.


Coming March 10th, 2021

Elijah's Journey Storybook Series

Learn more

Audiobook Preview


Mr. Nate Books Website Links:

Mr. Nate Books, a book collection for all ages -- children to education -- reading the world differently.

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