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#1 Children's Storybook -- Elijah's Journey Storybook 1, The Chase Begins

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Elijah Storybook Series brings readers of all ages together. The children’s book series brings adults like grandparents, parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, teachers, leaders, and others together with children through a memorable and epic adventure. The storybook series is great for children ages 3-5, 5-7, 6-8, 8-10, 11-12.

Welcome to Mr. Nate Books!

Mr. Nate Books is a kids book collection that brings a world of all ages together with illustration, imagination, and instruction! Elijah’s Journey Storybook for Kids Series began as a writing project in 2011 and finally launched in the kid’s book collection during Spring 2021. Have you wondered or even felt incapable of explaining the Bible to kids? Sometimes it feels frustrating and confusing teaching children about the greatest book in history, leaving parents and even pastors trying to find resources to assist them. Elijah’s Journey is a resource developed out of similar experiences. The series does not replace the Bible but becomes a memorable teaching aid that brings readers of all ages together to share in a fun experience that connects directly to the Bible and the Bible’s overall message of the gospel. Each book in the series contains reading questions that create discussion and discovery.


Follow the young boy Elijah on his frantic search for his missing grandparents. Evil chases him as he disappears into an unknown world. Read the captivating story aloud as if sitting around a campfire. Learn that each book reveals a part of his journey through the complete 68 book series. 66 books reveal the unknown world, making you wonder, “Where is he?”

The story is a metaphorical fiction that helps kids learn about the greatest story and book in history – the Bible. The Elijah’s Series provides a memorable reading and listening experience that helps transition kids into the greatest journey in their lifetime – the discovery of and trust in God. The series has two bookends, The Chase Begins and The Chase Ends. Each book within the series represents one of the 66 books of the Bible.

Does Elijah find his missing grandparents? Does Elijah escape evil? Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Enter Elijah’s Journey Storybook for Kids first book, The Chase Begins!


Free eBook with purchase of paperback or hardback in certain retailers. After purchase, come back to the eBook edition to download.


The Elijah’s Journey Storybook Series is for various context of reading and teaching. Use the series within a school classroom, Christian education, Sunday school for churches, family time, summer reading, or for kids to read at their own pace. The story unravels throughout the series until the end, providing a cohesiveness that keeps readers engaged over the course of reading times. When reading aloud, especially in group settings, become an engaged reader that’s animated, fun, expressive, and tell a great story like sitting around a campfire! Also, the books are designed to be placed on bookshelves in order for a visual representation of reading progress as well as the order of the books of the Bible.

Copyright © 2021 by Mr. Nate Books

Published by TGJS Publishing

All rights reserved.

ISBN 9780578767543 (Print/Paperback)

ISBN 9780578773261 (Print/Hardback)

ISBN 9780578773209 (eBook)


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