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Coming Soon: Children's Library Bucket List book!

Mr. Nate Books is introducing and making available in 2021 the 1st of Mr. Nate Books -- Activity Book Collection! Kids across the world will be able to dream, journal, and track their own reading progress. A bucket list is a fun wish list of things to do in one's life. Why not include reading books?

The bucket list book provides a multigenerational activity. Parents can use alongside their baby book in writing down their first toddler books to read. Grandparents can use throughout the year and providing great reading rewards along the way and a final, grand prize. Start in January and gift the grand prize by summer or Christmas.

Use for any books, even Mr. Nate Books, and make reading fun, rewarding, and early. The best reward any reader can receive will never be a different prize than what is actually read and learned. To learn is a gift. Not merely a natural gift, but a gift to the world from our Creator. We learn to love.

Therefore, include others in the reading progress and journey. Make it a competition among siblings or friends. Use as a way to build neighborhood relationships. Offer within a classroom or Sunday school ministry class. Provide during vacations, touring places, adventures, and more.

Get ready to change the direction of young readers across the world. Raise up the next generation reading the world differently!

Nota Bene (note well)!


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