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What is the best children's book?

The Best Bedtime Book answer's the question that I, along with millions of parents over the last decades, have asked, "What is the best children's book?"

Sometimes we are looking for the right children's book to fix problems, or help children avoid them. Some books are really helpful. Some books are horrible. Some books cost too much. Some books disappear from the marketplace. Some books should be written. Some books should never have been written. Some books help us. Some books help others.

Some problems are merely reading skills, where books can help assist with certain words and phrases like a hired tutor would. Some problems are behavior, where books can help highlight a consistent pattern as common among others and how it can be addressed. Some problems have yet to be known or even understood, where books will be published later on to address the issues.

No matter how books can help any of us, there is still yet the best children's book that has survived throughout thousands of years, translated in almost every global language, and yet the most misunderstood, misinterpreted, misused, and avoided.

What is the best children's book? The Bible.

Regardless of the problem among our own children or situation, there is a pandemic of biblical illiteracy. I have personally heard from hundreds and thousands of people throughout the years of the difficulties in teaching kids the Bible. More so, the difficulty was from within them mainly. Meaning, the Bible can be confusing even for adults, which leads to a confusing and more so, frustrating situation in trying to teach kids the Bible.

There are numerous resources like curriculum and books produced over the last 60 years in American Christian church history, and still yet, those children who have survived over the years have deeply struggled with the Bible and training the next generation.

Where do we put the blame? I think it's more like the concept, "death by a thousand paper cuts."

Instead of adding to the blame, identifying every single problem-issue, or trying to be superior, the simple solution is to re-establish our time and attention on reading and understanding the Bible. There is a "peace that passes all understanding" that comes not merely reading this historical beast of a book but something the Bible's overall author does to us.

The Bible is merely the author's way of revealing himself to be known. One may memorize the Bible but be entirely distant in relationship to him. The Bible reveals and relates us to God through the central character, the protagonist -- Jesus. A lot of adults have degrees in studying him, but God's word reveals we are to be like trusting children.

Simple, yet profound.

Thousands of factoids (people, places, events, scenarios, wisdom) in the Bible, yet one simple truth.

The Best Bedtime Book: A rhyme for children's bedtime highlights that the most important book in life is the best children's book of all time -- the Bible.

Let's begin with that and him.


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