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Join the Mailing List

We are beginning our first mailing list. In the words from a 1990's hit movie, "Mail, it was called mail!"

Yes, it is envelopes, stamps, and stuffed with love. It is basic and certainly not spammy or sold. We are here for readers and relationships. We are different as we read the world differently together!

As Mr. Nate Books grows, the mailing list will include notification on new books, book updates, announcements, retailer/store updates, opportunities to help, giveaways, and sharing about Mr. Nate Books and the children's and education book collections!

Mr. Nate Books will be opening up to advertisers, and they potentially will be included in the mailing list. However, they will not obtain the mailing list. Advertisers will be provided the chance to be included in the mailing list, website, print books, ebooks, audiobooks, podcast, social media, and conferences.

Currently, simply just email full name and mailing address.


Elijah's Journey Children's Storybook Series

Discover the children's storybook series about the greatest book in history.

A young boy's journey of a lifetime to find his missing grandparents & disappears into an unknown world!

All books, updates, and notifications will be at


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