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Hunt for Flies

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Mr. Nate Books Kids collection features Flies Ate My Fries: The day I slapped my face! as a boy hunts flies. Flies can be pesky, annoying, troublesome, or plain nasty!

The boy's hunt turns destructive throughout his home, grocery store, restaurant, school, and various places, even destroying the toilet! The flies swarm his hamburger and french fries, making him fed up and ready to smack the flies into oblivion!

He smacks his hamburger, smashing the hamburger all over the place. Next the flies swarm his fries, leading to the fries being destroyed! Finally, a fly lands on his face -- right between the eyes. His hunt of smacking destruction leads to him smacking his own face!

Read the kid's book aloud with kids or let them have fun reading and smacking the pages full of flies! The fun fly illustrations show unique characteristics of the insect that shows how often they escape, survive, and continue to annoy!

Videos related to flies landing on people's face!

  1. Fly lands on Vice President Mike Pence Hair

2. Fly lands on 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's face

3. Fly lands on President Obama face/forehead while he smacks at the pesky fly

4. Fly flies around President Obama in 2009, landing on his hand and is smacked and killed!

5. Fly flies around President Obama in 2015 while he slaps it away

6. Ellen Shares about her "Stressful Fly Problem" at her home

Videos Including Flies

1. Fly lands on dental book on The Carol Burnett Show, The Dentist

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