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Help Children Sleep

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Often kids go through sleep problems of various kinds throughout their lifetime.

Some problems range from body to mind like urination to nightmares. Kids can even become scared or unwilling to sleep each night because of it, which then causes a cycle of other issues like lacking sleep, behavior issues, changed eating patterns, and so on.

Diets and medication might help but sometimes basic life instruction and routine can greatly help children sleep. It may take time for a pattern to set in, affect the body, rest their minds, and reset their expectations for bedtime. This would be the easier situations to resolve.

Some of the worst situations would be trauma of some kind. Abuse, family's lifestyle, disaster, war, and other factors can become haunting to children. Trauma has acute and chronic effects on children.

Whether the situations are easy or difficult, the foundational truth to life will be life-giving to them instead of trapped in fear, anxiety, or imprisoned mind. Foundational truth settles their mind, calms their heart, sets their future expectations, rightly categorizes the situations, and gives them instruction of what to believe and how to live in the present. Foundational truth helps children understand life's complexities profoundly and even simply.

Hence why The Best Bedtime Children's Book: A rhyme for children's bedtime brings biblical truths together as a resource for parents and others to help children sleep at night and awake during the day. Children will learn that the best bedtime book is the Bible, and it is God's word.

The book captures life truths about the natural patterns of living like nighttime and daytime as well as God's reasoning for the day and night. These truths build rhythmically throughout the book to reveal how we can look forward to being with God in heaven after we die. It brings simple and difficult life topics together by the profound truth of the gospel.

The gospel is the good news of Jesus to the world revealed in history and the Bible.



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