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Great Donut Days

Since 2007 when our first child (girl) turned 1, we began Daddy Donut Day. We started with donut holes, pieces of donut holes -- gumming donut holes!

We wanted to commit one day of the week where we said 'no' to everything else and 'yes' to being with the kids. We have spent time on almost every Saturday eating donuts, drinking coffee (adults), reading books, reading through the Bible, and playing and resting.

After most of our kids grew up to take part in Daddy Donut Day, we created a song together, which is the song at the end of the book. It's simple and fun to sing along.

The reason we shout 'hooray' is from spending time together, which is marked by eating donuts.

We wanted to fight for the time to be with our kids and invest into their lives. It didn't have to be donuts or Saturdays, but that's just one way we began and continue. A lot of great discussions have occurred on Saturday morning during Daddy Donut Day.

Not every Saturday goes well. Sometimes there is crying, selfishness, conflicting schedules, life needs, emergencies, and other craziness. So, we are flexible and some Saturdays are adjusted. We want our kids to look back upon their childhood years and know what we read, not merely what we ate.

Moms also love daddy donut day as it gives them a break during the morning!

Dads or fathers have a great opportunity to spend time with their kids and various ways to do so. One inexpensive, delicious, and fun way is Daddy Donut Day: A day we shout hooray!



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