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#1 Education Book - Dirty People: A teacher's classroom untwisting the world

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Time to teach differently about motivation and life? Start with dirt and the origin to life? Become an inspirational teacher (even leader or student) with truth. Step into the classroom and read the world differently!

  1. Are you in education?

  2. Are you a leader?

  3. Are you a teacher, professor, principal, parent, or pastor?

  4. Looking for a way to inspire the next generation?

  5. Looking for a way to manage a classroom or more importantly, lives?

  6. Looking for a different way to teach?

  7. Looking for a different way to engage and inspire the next generation?

Welcome to Mr. Nate Books: Student and Education collection!

Mr. Nate Books: Student and Education is an educational book collection that reads the world differently with illustration, insight, and instruction.

Dirty People: A teacher's classroom untwisting the world is the 1st book in the Mr. Nate Books: Student and Education Edition. The book originally started as a blog post series in 2010/2011 and finally launches the new collection of educational books for students and those in any educational capacity. These readers are older and more advanced in their learning as well as deep in their subjects. Students across the globe, especially in the United States of America have been challenged with twists to their learning in high school and beyond like hiding Bible and theology teaching, adding revisionist history, demeaning and rejection of Christianity and God altogether, increase in humanism, unleashed social immorality, evolution as the common scientific belief to the origin of man, and much more.

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Enter a Christian teacher's classroom of life to be shocked away from the world's twisted version of life and be inspired to trust God from his untwisting truth and love. The short and unique book provides a simple but profound approach to handling the world's rejection of God, especially among students and education influencing the world. The teacher plays out various concepts to their unreasonable ends and makes clear of God's love for the world -- from the ground up. EBOOK: Free eBook with purchase of paperback in certain retailers. After purchase, come back to the eBook edition to download.

HOW TO USE THE BOOK: Dirty People is purposely a short, simple book to help teachers and students to process a different way to see the world and all educational subjects and real life. Sometimes the classroom is stale, test driven learning, missing opportunities to inspire, avoiding deep truths, or twisting things. The book attempts to capture a teaching moment filled with the teacher's conviction, clarity, copiousness, and comical nature to bring depth to the classroom that also addresses a wide array of issues.

Use the book either to think through learning as a student, classroom management and teaching, viewpoints on God, evaluate simple scientific-natural nuances of the Bible and the world, or just enjoy the interaction between a normally asleep student body awakened to engage real life. Use the book as a fun starting point to educational subjects to show that God's word informs real life and we cannot just dismiss it as some old, fictional book of fairy tales. Use the book to be reminded of the need for teachers to possess copious and winsome skills beyond a prepped lesson plan and relationally engage their students. Use the book to be reminded as a student to not merely sit back on cruise control and avoid the honest evaluation of what the world teaches you in education or business.

Use the book to be inspired that education has a much better goal or aim (telos) than taking notes, studying, taking tests, and earning grades. Grades easily translate later in the workplace to a paycheck. So, are we suppose to be greedy students? No, not if your telos is something beyond grades and specifically God himself. If he is your telos, your education regardless of where you are will be entirely different - you will be different. There's a word for that in the Bible. Dig in and discover it!

Copyright © 2020 Mr. Nate Gunter

Published by TGJS Publishing

ISBN 9780578631455 (Print/Paperback)

ISBN 9780578632315 (eBook)

1 Comment

Feb 28, 2020

Amazing book! Quick and easy read, with deep, and highly thought provoking message! Great book for people on all levels. Young and old can all get something from this little book.

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