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Coming Soon - A Mouse in the House on Easter Day: A Resurrection Rhyme for the Greatest Sunday

Publishing on February 10th, 2022

eBook now available on Amazon:

Find and follow the mouse through the gospel story of Jesus and his resurrection!

Book Description:

Take kids on a journey to learn the reason for Resurrection Sunday -- what some have called Easter. Follow the smallest of creatures through the crowd of elephants from outside and inside a church service. Uniquely learn with a rhyme that captures biblical truths for their lifetime. Help children learn certainty and courage to follow Jesus in a world of rejection. Highlight the annual holiday with humanity’s greatest hero. Deepen their understanding of life, history, Christianity, and the Bible. Guide them to learn that their faith in Jesus matters to the world and how God fulfills his mission to lovingly save sinners.

Editions to Come:

Print, audiobook, ebook, multilingual



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