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Bible Stories Every Child Should Know

The Best Bedtime Book tells how to find the answer to, "What are the Bible stories every child should know?"

The Best Bedtime Book guides children to the greatest book in history, the Bible, and trusting the most important part of all the Bible stories, which is trusting the Bible's author.

There is great difficulty in figuring out one single story that any child should learn, let alone picking from the thousands of Bible stories ever child should know. After years of research and discussion, I came to realize that it's not a particular story or list of Bible stories that children should know but rather the author of the stories.

Who then is the author of the Bible and its internal 66 books, and 40 human authors? Only one divine author unraveled the stories throughout history for one sole purpose -- for him to be known to the world.

All Bible stories connect, relate, and intertwine to the great metanarrative of the Bible -- the gospel of Jesus Christ.

God is the greatest author of all time.


The Best Bedtime Book

The Best Bedtime Book


Elijah's Journey Storybook Series

Discover the storybook series about the greatest book in history.

Train children to read the Bible.

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