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A Children's Book Based upon Proverbs, the Bible's Old Testament Book of Wisdom

Will the Weird Worker: The boy who willingly worked to be a man. is a children's book based upon Proverbs, the Bible's Old Testament book of wisdom produced from the fear of the Lord (Prov. 1:7).

The children's book is for boys and girls. Grow boys up to be weird and girls to be friends or even marry weird men. This is the right kind of weird 😜

Israel's King Solomon authored Proverbs from his later years and older sage age. He pens Proverbs, categorized now as 31 chapters, full of life wisdom. Any reader to the Bible will learn wisdom from Genesis to Revelation, but Proverbs is explicitly line-after-line, verse-upon-verse explaining wise living on the earth in following God.

Even Proverbs' first chapters are filled with how to deal with people and situation. Friends that might want to rob and murder or certain women inviting to do some acts reserved for marriage. Some might conclude living is difficult and finding wisdom is hard, however, Solomon debunks and makes clear that God made his world as well as his word full of wisdom, understanding, and so much more.

Children can grow up or mature in this life through grave difficulty and discover wisdom. How? Mainly it starts with the fear or awe of the Lord.

Any reader of the Bible will further discover who Solomon was. Wise in heart and fear of the Lord, however, he certainly learned hard life lessons in the times who lacked the awe of the Lord and was more in awe of life. There is a difference. The Bible uses the word holy to mean different, distinct, or set apart. Therefore, following God is different, unlike anything else in the world, and some just might say weird.

This is not forced or manipulated but a want, where God's will (desire and plan) works in us to will and work. This is true maturity.



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