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Introduction to Mr. Nate Books Podcast -- Become a Different Reader!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

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Great questions:

  1. Why buy a Mr. Nate Book?

  2. How do I read these books?

  3. What are these books for?

  4. Will these books help my kids? Will these books help me?

Welcome to Mr. Nate Books Podcast — where we answer these great questions and more!

Mr. Nate Books is a book collection for all ages — reading the world differently!

The podcast gives context for each of the published Mr. Nate Books (kids and education).

The podcast provides insights and extra details to each book, helping readers use the books for their life context.

The podcast shares personal explanations from the author to bring deeper understanding to each book.

The podcast answers reader’s questions throughout their reading journey.

Tune in to the Mr. Nate Books podcast to learn more about life, the author, and each book — titles, topics, descriptions, and background.

Subscribe and tune into the Mr. Nate Books podcast to become a different reader!


Discover the new kid's storybook series coming in 2021, Elijah's Journey Storybook!


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