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#1 Children's Storybook - How to teach kids the Bible? - Follow Elijah into the Unknown

Coming March 10th, 2021!

This unique children's storybook series provides parents, teachers, leaders, and other adult readers a way to teach kids about the Bible. Elijah's Storybook Series is a metaphorical fiction to teach kids about the Bible and the most important part of the Bible.

Children will learn the structure and organization of the Bible as Elijah's Journey Storybook Series provide a mnemonic device for kids to easily remember through the depth of the greatest book in history!

Bring kids of all ages together or allow kids to read on their own. An additional unique part of the series is to provide a reading experience like sitting around a campfire with grandparents, parents, relatives, and the kids telling stories of the past. Read aloud with drama, surprise, emphasis, tempo, and mystery!

Bring children into one epic adventure of a lifetime guiding them to an often unknown world!

Print (paperback, hardback) ebook, and audiobook editions will be available.

We are seeking to translate into different languages after the English editions launch.

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