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Children's Books about Disabilities

Are there any children's books about disabilities? Yes!


Children throughout the world endure so much in life, include disabilities and special needs. As the issues and needs grow and multiply so do the resources trying to help. Among the varying methods and resources addressing children's disabilities, equestrian therapy has become a natural, fun, and engaging help.


Equestrian therapy helps children with wide ranging disabilities. Equestrian therapy has different creative angles to helps kids like emotionally, physically, and relationally. Equestrian therapy uses horses and the context of horses (ranch, arena, nature, etc.) to facilitate exercises and engaging lessons.

It can be difficult for certain kids to become comfortable with horses and the therapeutic environment. But with great helpers like instructors and assistants, they can recognize and receive the help fairly soon and even within the first lesson. Each kid is different, making each lesson and situation different in its purpose and method but also potential issues and solutions.

Often kids are not raised riding horses in our day and age, and may take time to get used to a larger animal and riding. Some kids are okay with putting on helmets and some don't care. Some are okay with horse hair and manes and some take time getting used to it.

But they all learn to be helped and cared for.

Children's Book

One resource that has been missing is a fully illustrated children's book on disabilities, mainly equestrian therapy, and now there is:

The book captures therapy as fun like any kid on a horse and among loving people. The subtitle "Our bumpy ride around the world" conveys the difficulties children go through in efforts to live free and unencumbered. Often kids are confined to their rooms, homes, certain locations, and some devices. As kids on horses go around the horse arena, they escape that by adventures and fun like going around the world.

As an equestrian therapy ranch has said, "Therapy disguised as fun!" Heroes on Horses is a fully illustrated children's book for all children to enjoy and understand one another that all are different that are created to be loved.




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